2 thoughts on “Social Work, Resistance and Solidarity

  1. Thanks for your input Susan – yes, the sort of political courage needed to sustain real redistributive change (as opposed to policy rhetoric) is very difficult to find and sustain in the present political system – but live in hope we must. I also suspect that, in the OT context, the current executive / managerial appointments who have such a deep stake in the very dodgy EAP vision have captured our current crop of Ministers with the corporate spin they seem to spend so much of their time engaged in.

  2. “Statutory social work was critiqued as a failing care system rather than an over-stretched and under-resourced statutory social work system operating in a neoliberal context of escalating disadvantage and inequality.”

    Time is running out for the transformational action to change this dynamic. Capital gains tax on hoped for gains in the far future is not going to do it

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