9 thoughts on “Feeling the tension: where to from here?

  1. It’s great to read these posts and to know colleagues are thoughtful in actions. I believe it is only by asking awkward questions of the systems in which we work, And by creative ways to subvert some oppressive systemic parts, that we will truly assist clients. Thanks to all. V.

    1. You’re absolutely right Virginia. We also need to find ways to create the space so that critical questioning can occur. As a collective force in Aotearoa we can create those changes so badly needed.

  2. It’s election year this year, and that brings opportunities for social workers to address social justice issues with clients. Often our clients move house frequently, so checking with all clients that they are registered to vote, and helping them do this if needed, is a good first step. Having discussions about the issues that affect them, supporting them to get information about where different parties stand on the different issues, translating our academic knowledge about social issues into easily understood information for clients, doing media work – writing articles for the community papers or being interviewed on the community radio saying how it is for our clients, and how it could be different , working with groups of clients to support them in their own political development…..at this point social workers will say ‘ when do I have the time to think about this, let alone do anything’ or ‘how do I drain the swamp when I am up to my neck in crocodiles?’ Do one thing, then do another. Do it with others and share the load.

    1. These are fantastic suggestions Jackie and one that could produce real change. And I do agree, our time is so short and precious however like you you, it’s about doing one thing at a time and over time it’s surprising how it adds up. Thanks for your suggestions, I’ll bve adding some more of this mahi into mine.

      1. Thanks for that feedback, Luis. If every social worker does one thing, then there will be hundreds if not thousands of election-related actions.

  3. thank you – a bouquet of wonderful wisdoms and insights to pass around to colleagues, in fact the best thing worth passing on, perhaps lies just outside your words, that of hope, along with each social workers skill to manage paradox!

    1. Kia ora Merrill, Thank you…. You are absolutely right.. There is an abundance of hope in the current social work ranks both on the front line and within academia.. While the media reports of late have not been favorable, there will be change led from within these ranks.

  4. Thank you, what an excellent piece! I really appreciate the thoughtfulness of detailing so many ways to resist. I completely agree that in a neo-liberally dominated environment Challenging the status quo can have real risks. I also agree that finding modes of collective solidarity is critical, I am not so sure that the current institutions of social work provide a good forum for the collective voice of resistance. I really look forward to reading more, it is so refreshing to see material directly informed by the experiences of current practice.

    1. Kia ora David, Bex, Su and I wanted to pen something that came from what not only informed by our own experience but backed up with the literature. Thank you for your kinds words, it was our collective first step and I am sure not our last

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